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Encore Studios
Encore Studios
  • About Us

    Our History

    Encore Studios has been teaching dance, performing arts, and fitness in St. Boniface for 12  years.  We proudly offer a student drop-off area, free parking, 3 studios, and comfortable spaces for those that spend a lot of time here.

    We teach the art of life through the art of dance.  

    Dance is a unique activity in that it is both an art as well as a sport.  It can be promoted as competitive and harsh, but this is not how dance is at Encore Studios!  Here we aim to enrich the lives of our students and their families through dance as a source of joy and positivity.  Still with glamour, glitz, and international awards, dance at Encore Studios is about having fun, and celebrating individual achievements at every level. Whether you are looking for a weekly activity or something a little more serious, you will feel welcomed and supported as part of our Encore Family. 

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to develop individuals and their sense of confidence through achievements in dance.

    We aim to accomplish this through instructors and staff that are caring, and through goal-oriented programs that celebrate accomplishments at every level.  

    Our Core Values

    At Encore Studios, we are committed to:

    • finding the right program to suit each unique individual
    • providing a place of friendship in an atmosphere of respect where one feels free to enjoy themselves
    • giving each student the opportunity to shine
    • supporting every student's goals & accomplishments at any level
    • providing passionate, highly-trained instructors & proven programs  of success 

    Artistic Director / Owner

    Tobi Léveillé

    For more about Ms. Tobi, please CLICK HERE and you will be re-directed to her bio.

    "Love the staff.  They excel at what they do.  Tobi has an amazing vision for the company and her work ethic and love and dedication to the students trickles down to her staff." 

    - Kelly G. (parent)

    Management Team

    Diana Beltran - Enrollment Coordinator

    Alemar Regala - Performance Coordinator


    • Has trained in Vancouver, Toronto and LA for the past 4 years
    • Won the World Hip Hop Championship (Adult Division) 2014
    • He brings high positive energy to all the classes he teaches while continuing to challenge his students with unique choreography

    Fun Fact: Ms. Courtney is one of his heroes!      

    Administration Team

    Shaylene Cote

    Administrative Assistant

    Sawyer Craig

    Accounts Manager

    Mikey Morales

    Director of First Impressions

    "It is a pleasure to work with a group of well organized people.  I never have to worry about anything - you always have everything taken care of.  Thanks for all your hard work."

    - Monique L. (parent)

    Our Amazing Faculty

    Sawyer Craig

    Reception / Administrative Assistant

    Sawyer is an Opera Singer who is currently pursuing a Masters in Music

    Shaylene Cote

    • Shaylene has a passion for both dance and working with children
    • She has completed her Grade 8 Award in Classical Ballet
    • She has also completed her Grade 5 vocal exam with distinction
    • Ms. Shay's favorite Disney Princess is Mulan

    Amanda McCormick

    Amanda is an expert in the field of Artistic Gymnastics and is a national-level judge.  She is also an amazing teacher and coach!

    Andrea Macasaet

    Andrea is bringing her energetic talents to our students in Vocal Theatre and Broadway.  

    Jasmine Allard

    • Jasmine has a BA with a Major in Dance
    • Having danced for over 20 years and performed internationally, she has a passion for providing quality training

    Favourite saying: Hakuna Matata

    Favourite season: Fall

    Favourite Olympic sport: Synchronized Swimming

    Rochelm Cabalquinto

    Rochelm teaches and choreographs hip hop for all ages and levels.  

    Taylor Marks

    • Taylor has had a passion for ballet since she was 3 years old and strives to bring that passion to her teaching
    • She has completed both her Intermediate ballet exam as well as the Grade 8 Award
    • Taylor has completed a B Ed

     Fun Fact: She drives a Mini Cooper named “Ruby”

    Favourite Ballet: Giselle

    Samantha Penner

    • Sam has B.A. (Hons) in Dance
    • She strives for the highest level of excellence as a teacher and as a professional and is a proud company dancer with the Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers.   

    Favourite Move: Anything on the floor 

    Favourite Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast

    Barbara Daurie

    •  Ms. Daurie is a member of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), and is affiliated with Dance Artist, Professionals (ADAPT), and Dance Masters of America
    • She has been an adjudicator at dance festivals and has taught workshops in Sask. Alberta & BC
    • Several of her former students have performed on Broadway in NYC, Disney, Niagara Musicals, as well as in movies and television. 

    Favourite saying: Is the coffee on?  

    Anne Léveillé

    We are excited to have Anne join our faculty this season as a new teaching apprentice.

    Mara Turenne

    We are proud to introduce new teaching apprentice, Mara.

    Laura Elliott

    We are happy to welcome back Ms. Laura!

    Questions? We'd love to have the opportunity to answer them!