2018-2019 Policies


Withdrawals must be in writing and submitted in person, by mail, or by fax. Withdrawals cannot be done verbally, over the telephone or by e-mail. Ceasing to attend does not constitute withdrawal from a class. Upon receipt of the written withdrawal, any pre-authorized credit or debit information will be removed from our records. There are NO tuition refunds under any circumstances.


Private class rate: $90/hour. Drop-in class rate: $15/hour. All tuition prices DO NOT include GST. We are sorry, but there are NO tuition refunds under any circumstances. We do offer tuition credits, valid for 2 years and fully transferable. The full tuition is for 35 weeks with a minimum of 33 clases. Tuition is based on one class per week. Encre Studios reserves the right to make changes to the schedule as may be required, limit registrations and class sizes. There are no classes on Thanksgiving Monday, Remembrance Day, Louis Riel Day, Easter Weekend, or Victoria Day Weekend. We close for Winter and Spring Break. NSF charge on returned payments: $50. Accounts not paid in a timely manner may be subjected to an additional 5% late fee.


All students are invited and encouraged to participate in the annual Stars on Stage year-end recital (Mini stars & Fitness classes are not included in the recital). Students who choose to participate will be required to purchase a costume for our designated suppliers at prices ranging from $75-$125 plus applicable taxes. A costume deposit of $50 per class will be required by January 20, 2019. The balance of the costume will be required no later than March 17, 2019. Adult class costumes will be less than $65 plus applicable taxes.


Encore Studios is not responsible for providing before/after class care for students or their siblings. Please make every effort to drop off/pick up your child in a timely manner. We strive to provide a comfortable, safe, home-like environment for those students who spend a lot of time here, however please make sure your child is mature enough to be left on their own before leaving them without your personal supervision while they are not in their scheduled class. We are not equipped to provide child-care before/after your child’s class.