Winnipeg: Need quality activity for your child during COVID-19?

Winnipeg: Need quality activity for your child during COVID-19?

Winnipeg: Need quality activity for your child during COVID-19?Winnipeg: Need quality activity for your child during COVID-19?Winnipeg: Need quality activity for your child during COVID-19?

We've got you covered with our full schedule of classes running virtually.  INTRODUCING E-CLASSES!

Classes we offer...

Classes we offer...


Our mission continues... develop individuals and their sense of confidence through achievements in dance & performing arts.

Classes we offer...

Classes we offer...

Classes we offer...


For ages 2 - 4:  "Little Shining Stars"  intro to ballet, jazz, & hip hop!

For ages 5 - 19 we offer:

Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Acro, Vocal Theatre, Broadway, Strength & Flexibility

Encore Performance Division

Some memorable moments for our Performance Division members at Centre Stage Dance Challenge February 2020.



Thank You for Visiting Us!

Now is a great time to get to know what makes Encore Studios in Winnipeg the BEST studio, and why students and families LOVE dancing with us. 


A boutique studio centrally located in St. Boniface, we pride ourselves on giving attention to all students, whether you dance once per week or spend more time here than at home :).  Each student is given the opportunity to shine in class and on stage.   Because we believe every student deserves to feel like a STAR!


The Benefits of Dance for Children

  • Improved physical health
  • Learn commitment and dedication
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Perseverance and self motivation
  • Learn interpersonal skills
  • Strengthen cognitive skills and memory


Why Dance at Encore?


At Encore, we work to foster an environment for all our dancers that is in line with our core values. 

Every student at Encore will feel included, supported, welcomed, and respected, while learning dance in a positive, joyful, and healthy environment.

Your child will love dancing with us, and you will love being a part of our family!


What kinds of classes are available for ages 2-4?

Each class in our 'Little Shining Stars' Preschool Program offers a foundation in basic movement skills along with one other genre of focus.  Students are continually engaged with our class content as our curriculum is divided into four sessions so that students are introduced to new material throughout the season. But besides all of the benefits and features, kids have a blast!  


Classes for ages 5 -8

Our Core Classes for ages 5 - 8:

  • Ballet
  • Acro & Jazz
  • Pop Stars
  • Broadway Stars


Classes for ages 9 & up

 Our Core Classes for ages 9 - 19:

Ballet, Acro, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap

Lyrical & Contemporary Vocal Theatre, Broadway, Strength & Flexibility


Do you have classes for adults?

Yes!  Click here to find out more about the classes we offer:


Do you have a competitive program?

Yes, our Performance Division was developed for students who enjoy performing and are looking for more of a challenge beyond a class or two per week. 

We are very proud of our program, which offers a better performance experience for dancers and their families.

What Our Happy Families Say


 "Extremely happy with my child's experience at Encore!"

"One of the things I like best about Encore? Healthy attitudes!" - A. Taylor

"Encore Studios makes everything so easy on families." - Jenn. J

"Love the staff.  They excel at what they do.  Tobi has an amazing vision for the company and her work ethic and love and dedication to the students trickles down to her staff." - Kelly G.

"It is a pleasure to work with a group of well organized people.  I never have to worry about anything - you always have everything taken care of.  Thanks for all your hard work." - Monique L.

Our Space


Welcoming & Comfortable


Our spacious lobby, change-rooms, and student lounge are comfortable spaces to lounge, visit, and be with friends.  Formerly Al's Jewelers, we have maintained the feel of this iconic building.  


 While your child is in class, feel free to watch their progress on the lobby monitor.  You can grab a complimentary cup of coffee or tea from our Parent Cafe.  Being a family on the go, you can warm up a meal in the microwave located in the student lounge.  

Our Services - Quality & Convenience


Easy Online Registration

Our online registration system is paperless, and you can view your account and make payments when its convenient in your day, not just when our office is open.  


Online Dance Supply Store

We are also your one-stop-shop for all of your uniform requirements, including footwear! No need to run around trying to find the items your child needs for dance class.  We have our uniform requirements for each class right at your fingertips, so getting exactly what you need is EASY!  Our prices are competitive, and with delivery right to your home, you can't find a more convenient service.  


We are proud to serve our customers with care and dedication, and our staff is happy to be there for you and your family.

We offer a dedicated Enrollment Coordinator, who will walk you through choosing the best class to suit your needs, uniform requirements, payments, facility tours, and more!


We are always just an email or phone call away should you ever have any questions or concerns.  We've grown to have 8 dedicated administration staff so that we can offer the best customer service in the industry.  Most importantly, when you register for dance classes at Encore Studios, you are made to feel like family.

Dance for Joy!


Check out our blog "Dance for Joy"!

  Our blog is aimed at sharing information with the students and families of Encore Studios in Winnipeg, as well as to a wider audience of dancers, dance families, and dance enthusiasts :). 

Click here to visit our blog.