Class Descriptions


HIP KIDS is hip hop made for kids ages 9 - 12.  Our teachers provide an energetic atmosphere with age-appropriate moves and music. These classes teach the hip hop style in a unique way that parents approve, so that students develop rhythm, music appreciation, movement skills, co-ordination, and self-confidence.  Totally cool - totally fun! 


HIP HOP classes at Encore Studios feature our internationally recognized, award-winning teachers and choreographers in an atmosphere of encouragement and respect.  Our classes consist of fundamental training along with the urban choreography styles of today's best crews so that your class experience is a combination of great technique along with fresh style.  Whether you are new to hip hop or have a lot of experience, we've got the right class for you. Ages 13 - 19.


JAZZ - With our exclusive syllabus in jazz dance, our students attain a high standard of achievement while having a blast dancing to popular music.  We teach how to move confidently through stylized & technical elements such as dynamic turn, kicks, and jumps.  It all gets put together into choreography that rocks! 

Available in Combination classes for ages 5 - 8, and in all levels for ages 9 - 19.


TAP -  Our tap program has been recognized with awards and successes that have taken our students to perform internationally!  We keep our program current and enjoyable by using popular music - and our teachers are amazing! 

Available in Combination classes for ages 5 - 8, and in all levels for ages 9 - 19.


BALLET -  At Encore, ballet is FUN!  We want to encourage students to study this genre as it is the basis of all dance forms, so we make a point of keeping the joy in with the technique and discipline.   We use the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus as the basis of our ballet program which is an internationally recognized standard for both teachers and students.  Even if you've tried ballet elsewhere and didn't like it, TRY BALLET AT ENCORE and feel the difference!

Ages 5 - 19 in all levels.  


CONTEMPORARY & LYRICAL - Express yourself through contemporary & lyrical dance!  Our instructors are professional performers who have earned their university degrees in these genres.  They are passionate about sharing their love of dance with the students - and students love to learn and perform dance in a way they find meaningful.   Ages 9 - 19.


POP STARS, BROADWAY STARS - Your kids will love our amazing new instructor, Miss Katelyn!!!  

POP STARS is a combination of age appropriate hip hop together with jazz technique.  

BROADWAY STARS is a combination of vocal theatre along with basic tap dance. Available in two age groupings, 5-6 & 7-8, this is the best way to get kids familiar with different styles of dance and keep them engaged.  Students learn two genres in a one-hour class, which means less decision making and more happy dancers!  


  ACRO-dance has been at Encore since 2009.  This is a newer genre that is gaining in popularity for combining tumbling gymnastic tricks with flexible poses put together with seamless dance choreography.  Our instructors are accredited through Acrobatic Arts and are highly acclaimed in the Artistic Gymnastics community.  This program is outstanding!  Available in Combination Classes for ages 5 - 8, and in various levels for ages 9 - 19.


VOCAL THEATRE - If you want a musical theatre class that emphasizes vocal training, dance, and performance quality, then Encore Studios' exclusive Vocal Theatre class is your BEST choice.  Our students have tons of fun - without playing games - and our teachers are working professionals in the industry. Available in Combination classes for ages 5 - 8, and in multi-level classes for ages 7 - 19.


BROADWAY - Are you a lip-synch superstar?  Love to ham it up but keep your voice to yourself?  Then you belong in our new Broadway class!  This class emphasizes a sense of performance and develops stage confidence. Theatrical song & dance comes alive while you become the star!  

Available for ages 7 - 19.


STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY - The class title says it all!  Strengthen and tone while increasing range of motion and releasing tension.  Great as a stand-alone fitness class, this class is geared as a supplemental class for dancers to get more out of their training.  Ages 10 +.